Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Friday Evening .

Hahaha . Note the extra exhausted face . Had a massive day at work today . I was a sour puss through out the day cause of the crazy lunch hour . CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY . The only up side to it is that I got to meet Henry Golding . OH MY FLIPPING PANCAKES . HENRY FLIPPING GOLDING . 

He puts the sex is sexy .

Right after work my best friend & I rushed to Mid Valley . YEAHP . Got me a new piercing on me roight ear :3 Jehehe . We had our mini shopping spree . & by "mini" , means grab whatever you can before dinner .So the logo's of Zara , Bershka & Diva on the above are as you may have guessed it . - The places where I manage to "grab" some goodies !

Long sleeved sheer top from Zara - RM 69.90 . SALE 

Tube top but used as a skirt from Zara - RM 39.90 . SALE 

Feather earring's from Diva - RM 30 for two . SALE 

3 necklaces from Bershka - RM 9.90 for each . SALE 

Ring from Bershka - RM 9.90 . SALE .

My date for the evening . Thanks for taking my mind of work and treating me dinner & deserts . He knows how much I MUST have my deserts whenever im at Delicious :}


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