Monday, September 19, 2011


Off another buzz from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show . I just love all the BOLD PRINTS . 

Falguni & Shane Peacock are renowed for dressing their women in ultra-feminine and glamorous
 clothes. The Peacock Couture label focuses on dresses that are pure Eastern fantasy that is 
romantic, youthful with dramatic colour and style statement.
Peacock Couture is brought to the UK by Fusion-36.

The fantastic duo . Husband and wife . Aww :}

They specialize in corsets, ponchos, slip dresses, embroidered shirts, embroidered trousers and jackets.

Fresh of the Mercedes Benz Fashion week .

&&  Some of my fav from the 2008 collection *points down*

Celebs love em' prints 

Fregie , Kelly Rowland , Katy Perry & even Brotney Spears are hot for these chic and glamorous designs *exclamation mark* 

Random thought ; I wish I was famous .


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Malaysiaku , tanah tumpahnya darahku .

Anybody else celebrating Malaysia Day this coming Friday ? I am . Im as excited as a bee :} 


Bring your friends , bestfriends , boyfriends , girlfriends , mum , dad , sister , brother , Grandma & Grandpa , pets  ? - Well , you guys know what I mean . Bring EVERYONE :)

Im pretty excited cause its gonna be my first street party . Heck , im rushing there straight away after tuition . Ngahaha . I dont even know who im going with yet :\ I guess i'll just hang with who ever is there yes ? :) 

I wanna be in the "theme" so maybe some inspirational Malaysian flag colours like Yellow , blue  & red ! Time for a little colour blocking experiment :D 

I came across this event on facebook . Bless you to who ever invited me cause i am very stoked . ---> Their facebook page (Y) 

A lil' history behind this grand event is .... Malaysia Day is the day Malaya , Sabah , Sarawak and Singapore came together and become one as Malaysia . But this year is going to be extra 
special as there are also celebrating Merdeka Day .
Plenty of us have been neglecting Merdeka Day for the past few years due to the fasting month . But we shall neglect no more . 

I say this is your chance to show your appreciation to this beautiful country of ours .  

Its not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country - JFK . 

Events on the day are as so :- 
- Malaysian Food Festival with over 30 food stalls selling all your favourite Malaysian delicacies
- Performances including traditional Sarawakian and Sabahan dances, Orang asli nose flute performance, lion dance, dikir barat performance with over 70 performers from Kelantan.
- traditional Malaysian games
- Malaysian singer-songwriters such as Azmyl Yunor, Amirah Ali, 628 accapella group etc
- Street Joget Party ala BB Park finale
- Malaysian art exhibition featuring Yee I Lann and Anurendra at Leonardos Wine Loft 
- Forums and talks on Voice of the Moderates, the Environment, in Bed with Malaysia etc,
- Fund raising dinners for Loyar Burok UndiMalaysia project, IDEAS, PUSAKA and SIS
- over 15 NGOs educating Malaysians on their different causes 
and much much more.

You can check out more on their facebook page . Hope to see you all there . Cheers ! 
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