Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Friday Evening .

Hahaha . Note the extra exhausted face . Had a massive day at work today . I was a sour puss through out the day cause of the crazy lunch hour . CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY . The only up side to it is that I got to meet Henry Golding . OH MY FLIPPING PANCAKES . HENRY FLIPPING GOLDING . 

He puts the sex is sexy .

Right after work my best friend & I rushed to Mid Valley . YEAHP . Got me a new piercing on me roight ear :3 Jehehe . We had our mini shopping spree . & by "mini" , means grab whatever you can before dinner .So the logo's of Zara , Bershka & Diva on the above are as you may have guessed it . - The places where I manage to "grab" some goodies !

Long sleeved sheer top from Zara - RM 69.90 . SALE 

Tube top but used as a skirt from Zara - RM 39.90 . SALE 

Feather earring's from Diva - RM 30 for two . SALE 

3 necklaces from Bershka - RM 9.90 for each . SALE 

Ring from Bershka - RM 9.90 . SALE .

My date for the evening . Thanks for taking my mind of work and treating me dinner & deserts . He knows how much I MUST have my deserts whenever im at Delicious :}


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work Ze - Holick

Between shuffling work , my driving classes , family errands & well - life .
I have no idea how I manage to find time to blog . Like my dad , i've turned into a work-a-hoooooolic . I dont see it as a bad thing really , i honestly love my job . I got to meet a couple of local actors / singers / producers that I only dream of meeting . 


If you guys didnt realise that I didnt mention my friends up there . Well , I didnt . I havent been hanging with any of my bestfriends . Farah is off at LA . & for Marinna , shes still here but just like the rest of us shes just going on with life . I miss my bestfriends . But I guess we're all busy ? We did made plans to hangout . Hope that it'll go according to plan !

C'est La Vie - That's life in French . 

What I honestly miss the most about high school is seeing them everyday freaking weekday . College wouldnt feel right with out them . 


I Want My Dreams To Come True .

Just a lil' update on what I really want right now :)


Asymmetrical skirt or also known as the mullet skirt .

Jeffrey Campbell inspired heels / booties .

black Chanel purse

A Chanel vintage .


Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Buck Short @ The Bee .

If your a true butt kickin' hard core supporter of the Malaysian music industry then you would definitely know One Buck Short . 

As lucky as I am , I got to meet them today when they were having their pres conference & the launch of their latest album  Kampong Glam   @ The Bee , Publika ( where I work ) .

If im not mistaken the price of their album is about RM 21 & its their first Malay album . Yeahp - 100 % Malay . 

One Buck Short @ The Bee during their pres conference 

If you think that Imran (furthest to the right) looks undeniably adorable in this photo than your gonna drop dead if you see him in person . 

Can I get your numbah Imran ?  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :} 

So grab yourself a Kampong Glam CD & like their facebook page One Buck Short to help support them :) 

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